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Updated: Apr 30, 2019

In much the same fashion as the corrugated packaging industry has, as of late, with companies like BoxUp, Packlane and Packwire, wholesale beauty supply giant, Qosmedix, has recently launched Itty Bitty Beauty, bringing on-demand, customizable, sample size, HBC packaging to the mass market via a slick new website with a to-die for 3D packaging configurator and real-time price estimates.

While I highly recommend vetting their configurator yourself (it’s pretty awesome), below are some key takeaways for those of you looking to up your sample game with a little bit of Itty Bitty Beauty. (I’ve even thrown in some basic pricing too - because well, bottom lines.)

Before we get started however, a short aside for those of you who are new to the packaging game. The IBB website has two of the most beautifully informative packaging-oriented tables I’ve ever laid eyes on with regard to understanding the types of plastics and the various printing methods used in CPG packaging. (Just keep in mind that, on the IBB site, not all materials or components are compatible with every type of printing.)

On to the details!

The itty bitty basics:

  • The packaging styles offered are bottles, jars, vials + tubes

  • Fill capacities range from 3ml to 1.1oz and vary by item - you can also choose the diameter for tubes

  • Items come in a variety of materials - all some version of plastic

  • Every item can be manufactured in black, white, clear, and any shade of transparent or opaque you can denote with a HEX color code

  • Closure options vary depending on the component but there is enough variety to suit just about any formula

  • Printing is typically CMYK but they can work with Pantone colors, if needed - hot stamping, silkscreen, and offset printing methods are all available (Jennifer, over in customer service, also told me that they may be offering metallic printing soon, too!)

  • To request a quote on your completed project, you'll fill out some basic information around the timing of your order, its destination and any comments or questions and an Itty Bitty Beauty Sales Rep. will reach out to discuss your project and get you a true quote

  • Completed a projects can also be shared with coworkers, etc. via a link or email address from the quote page and, saved in your account to work on later

The nitty gritty:

  • Minimums range from 5,000 (tubes only) to 10,000 - 12,000

  • You can request the stock component version of the item(s) you wanting to review - they will most likely come in white - so don't be disappointed

  • You will receive a pre-production sample for approval, prior to the larger order being processed

  • Shipping takes anywhere from 8-14 weeks, depending on the project

  • Shipments are EXW (ex-works) from Ronkonkoma, NY. This means that, once the shipment arrives at the IBB warehouse in NY, you are responsible for arranging and paying for the freight to your warehouse, or wherever its destination.

  • Shipments can be arranged via air from their overseas factory, if needed, at an extra cost

Here's that math I promised earlier...

  • For 5000, white, 1.01oz tubes, with a screw on, needle nose or a lip gloss closure are $1175, base price, no printing but, with shipping to NY - that’s $0.24 per unit.

  • Deco the same tube, like below, and the cost only goes up to $1425.00 - $0.29 - not a bad markup for a fully customized tube!!

A few things to take note of if you're thinking IBB might be your next best move:


  • The minimums are still what you tend to find in traditional manufacturing - most being 10,000 - 12,000 units, which can be a little high if you’re a smaller business. The tubes however, have a 5000 unit MOQ but, more about that in the next section.

  • There is only one item that’s an ounce or over - it’s a tube and it’s 1.01oz. Given my past experience in beauty sampling, I think Itty Bitty is missing the mark with it comes to skincare, bodycare and haircare. When potential customers are testing a new product, they typically want to try it 4-5 times before they make their purchasing decision and with less than an ounce, that can be difficult.

  • Shipments arrive on the east coast and must be shipped/freighted from New York - that's a bummer if you're on the west coast.


  • You can build your very own product mockups, in real time - great for sharing ideas across your team or with a potential investor

  • You literally get all of the color options AND you can make tinted, transparent components AND closures

  • TUBES, TUBES, TUBES - they come in a WIDE variety of sizes, they can hold all sorts of formulas AND, the MOQ is only 5,000 units

  • There's actually a rather wide variety of packaging options when you combine the various component and closure styles

  • You get all of the good of working with overseas manufacturers without the 6am WhatsApp calls

...and a little something remember!

If you want your colors to be spot on use Pantone. If you do take this route, make sure to send something in the EXACT color you want to whomever is in charge of making that happen. Send it to the factory yourself if you have to, you'll save yourself a few revisions and a TON of time.

Happy designing!

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